How to Work

  1. Have an intent
    1. What problem are you trying to solve?
    2. What proves the problem is solved?
  2. Plan a series of tasks to reach that intent
  3. Consider what data will come from that approach
  4. Figure a way to visualize that data
    1. Make the visualization a map of successful versus failing configurations
    2. Make sure the visualization suggests a plan of action
  5. Proceed with work, collecting data
  6. Consider the data through the visualization
  7. Replan, and rework.
  8. Consider if the approach can actually meet the intent
  9. Consider if the intent is the right one
    1. Many are too narrow. This is characterized by an intent which suggests an implementation, rather than trying to solve a problem
    2. Some are too broad, suggesting having chosen a very large problem to solve. This could be fixed by trying to solve a subset of the stated problem.
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About Hacksaw

Write prose, poetry, songs, and code. Play drums, guitar, bass, sing. Cook. Learn. Think.
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