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Good Versus Bad Versus …

A rule: Value judgements must be made with measures that are well defined. Good and Bad are far too broad to lead us to a useful endpoint. Some words we might use instead: Optimal, sub-optimal, not optimal, etc. Useful. When … Continue reading

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How to Do Anything

The Basics: Plan → Do → Test Put another way: Design → Make → Measure Or maybe: Consider → Act → Verify These are all the same at the core. Under the assumption that you have a problem to solve, you decide … Continue reading

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Bias: the problem of misperception

As thinking being, even very smart ones, we are still subject to a variety of brain potholes ready to turn us off course. These are cognitive biases, that is, ways of thinking that fall into ruts which make it hard … Continue reading

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How to Work

Have an intent What problem are you trying to solve? What proves the problem is solved? Plan a series of tasks to reach that intent Consider what data will come from that approach Figure a way to visualize that data Make … Continue reading

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Fundamental Questions

This is a topic I hope to expand, so this will be more straw man than article. Fundamental questions are those which demand essential information. A fundamental question about a vacation, for instance is what do you want to do … Continue reading

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Language and Time

I’m no linguist, but I enjoy learning about interesting features of languages. Apparently “Chinese” (a term I use guardedly, as one might mean Mandarin, and one might mean Cantonese, or maybe even another local dialect) doesn’t have the concept of … Continue reading

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Defaulting through life

Defaulting: accepting what life hands to you. Specifically, following the expectations of your peers, parents, and everyone else, rather than consciously deciding what your own needs and desires are. The algorithm I was presented with, over my life: Go to … Continue reading

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