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How to Do Anything

The Basics: Plan → Do → Test Put another way: Design → Make → Measure Or maybe: Consider → Act → Verify These are all the same at the core. Under the assumption that you have a problem to solve, you decide … Continue reading

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Bias: the problem of misperception

As thinking being, even very smart ones, we are still subject to a variety of brain potholes ready to turn us off course. These are cognitive biases, that is, ways of thinking that fall into ruts which make it hard … Continue reading

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Seeing, Saying, Knowing

The set of people witnessing an event can be divided into subsets with important perceptual biases. Those with a stake in the results of the perception will impose their biases. Those who have no stakes will also impose their biases, … Continue reading

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This Web Log has a particular purpose: Figure out how to do life better, without lying to ourselves. I don’t want to claim to have figured it out, I want to actually figure it out. The process I will use is … Continue reading

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