This article is probably wrong

When I was very young, I was wrong. I tried to communicate my needs, but when you are an infant, you don’t have a lot of signals. If something is wrong, you cry.

In fact, when something is wrong, even if you have words, if they are ineffective you feel like crying. I cried my share as a child. As an adult I don’t cry too much but I occasionally hurt furniture, in my frustration. I don’t like being wrong.

But wrong is what we are. We start off wrong, and as we learn, we get less wrong. This is great, it means our knowledge is expanding. It’s also horrible, because as you gain understanding, you start to grasp how much you are wrong about.

It seems wrong somehow, but that’s what learning does. And after a while, you get used to it. Once you embrace your wrongness, and plan for it, and notice it, then you are wrong less and less.

Or so you might think. But be careful. You also might be wrong.


About Hacksaw

Write prose, poetry, songs, and code. Play drums, guitar, bass, sing. Cook. Learn. Think.
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