This Web Log has a particular purpose:

Figure out how to do life better, without lying to ourselves.

I don’t want to claim to have figured it out, I want to actually figure it out.

The process I will use is a reasonably simple model: I will propose a straw man on a subject, and then try and take it apart and rebuild it until I can’t make it better. Also, I will ask friends to help.

What sort of topics will we be covering?

  • Personal Economy
  • Skills one needs
  • Trust
  • Morals
  • Personal Goals
  • … whatever is needed

The title of the site comes from a series of conversations I have had with a friend who is studying parrhesia for her PhD. Parrhesia is the act of speaking freely without regard to personal safety, social costs, etc. Obfuscation is the act of making things hidden or unclear. This title is a reminder that we may be undermining our own goals at times, but that discourse might help that.


About Hacksaw

Write prose, poetry, songs, and code. Play drums, guitar, bass, sing. Cook. Learn. Think.
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